The Band of Strangers is a group of musicians whose raw energy and instinctive edge are matched by its irrefutable talent. Frontman Ryan Saliman (guitar, vocals, songwriting) is joined by Lianne Ward (ukulele, organ, piano, vocals), Johnny Abella (guitar), Matt DelVecchio (bass) and Chris Lovejoy (drums) in an ensemble that recalls the classic Americana sound of times past. Foregoing synths and loops for honest instrumentals, the band creates an authentic blend of alt-country/rock.

Saliman first started The Band of Strangers while living in New York City, with new musicians popping up at each show. When he moved to L.A., Saliman revived The Band with a set group of musicians. Through a series of fortuitous events in 2011 involving bars and burlesque shows, the group came together and have been collaborating and evolving ever since.

Individually, members of the group have worked with diverse artists such as Sara Bareilles, Charlie Hunter, Tristan Prettyman and New Kingdom and have played in San Francisco blues bars to the Fuji Rocks Festival in Japan.

On 5/31/13 the Band of Strangers released its debut EP, When the Light Gets In (Kingsize Soundlabs) produced by Dave Trumfio (Wilco, My Morning Jacket and Sia). When the Light Gets In is a six-song recording full of brutal and honest lyrics laid over blazing guitar riffs and bellowing bass. It induces dancing as easily as heartache and crafts a fresh and timeless sound.


Sunday, 3/29/15
The Grand Ole Echo
5:00 PM  Free
1822 Sunset Blvd.
Echo Park, CA

The Blackbird Song


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